A Miami Way of Life
By Conor Doherty | Published on February 6, 2014
A Miami Way of Life
A Miami Way of Life

Watching the sun rise over Miami’s beaches is a great way to start your morning or even end your night!

Living in Central Florida is probably one of the best places to live in America. Not only do you get to experience world class attractions like Universal or Disney, but you also get the advantage of being close to some of the best beaches in the world. Up and down the coast from West Palm to Clearwater there really isn’t anything quite like it.

However, even with all these beaches nothing can really compare to South Beach. I look back to my Miami vacation, one of the most exciting and fun experiences of my life. I’ll never forget when I first arrived in South Beach, there is just something that’s in the air. Whether it was the wealth or attractive women everywhere I will never know, but it almost seemed like paradise on earth. You just got the feeling that anything that was happening in the world, was happening there first.

Miami is truly the mecca of our culture, from its fine dining to its amazing nightclubs, nothing quite compares. Our hotel was at a great price and surpassed any expectations we had. We had our own balcony and it was even right on the beach.

A Miami Way of Life

While not as towering as New York City, Miami’s skyline possesses its own grandeur!

Like New York City, Miami is a place that truly never sleeps. It seemed like every night we were there, there was something to do or somewhere to go. Since Miami is such a great vacation spot, people flock from all parts of the world to enjoy the sunny weather and the amazing beach. We were able to meet people from all over, exponentially increasing the fun.

You really can’t beat the proximity to the beach either. There is no better feeling than waking up after a long night and spending a lazy day with your toes in the sand. One of the main knocks of South Beach is how expensive it is, and although I agree with that to a point; we were able to escape the trip with our bank accounts somewhat intact.

If you plan ahead and find the right deals, your trip will be a lot less expensive, making everyone in your party happy. I can honestly say that my trip to South Beach changed me and that’s greatest endorsement I can give it. Miami is a once in a lifetime experience and after you’re there your perspective of the world changes. Because of the great weather, amazing food, and extravagant nightclubs my trip to South Beach was one of the greatest vacations I’ve ever been on.

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Conor Doherty

By: Conor Doherty | Published on February 6, 2014

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