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By Conor Doherty | Published on February 3, 2014
Orlando Living
Orlando Living

Dive into the wizarding world of Harry Potter like never before! You’ll feel as if the books came to life!

Orlando, Florida is one the biggest up and coming cities in the world. It’s home to some of worlds’ biggest theme park attractions, like Universal and Sea World. There is so much to do in this city without even touching on the legendary Disney World. It is not easy to earn the moniker “the happiest place in the world,” but somehow Disney did just that.

Disney has the rare quality of bringing any person back to the age of five, where life was carefree and having fun was the only thing on your mind. Whether you’re a thrill seeker or want to hang out with your family and meet the characters, Disney has it all. By the end of the trip kids will think their parents are the greatest ever.

In my opinion, the firework show at the end of the day in Magic Kingdom is by far the best attraction offered at Disney. It truly is breathtaking and I don’t believe you could every truly replicate the experience.

If Disney isn’t your thing, and you don’t have any kids, than have no fear, there are plenty of more attractions offered in Orlando and Universal Studios tops that list. Some of Universal’s best attractions include multiple roller coasters, 3D shows, and of course the insanely popular Harry Potter World. Universal reminds me a lot like Disney, except it is more for the thrill seekers at heart and it is definitely easier on the wallet.

Take a first-person look of Harry Potter World’s Dragon Challenge (iPhone Video):

If you ever find yourself in Orlando during Halloween there is only one place you need to be, that place is at Universal for Horror Nights. Horror Nights is a month long fright fest, sure to have you and your party screaming for your lives.

Orlando Living

Get up close and personal with the dolphins, guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience!

For any animal lovers, I’d highly recommend the immensely popular Sea World. The shows that they are able to produce there are really something else. Its hard to belie believe the tricks they train these enormous animals to do. I believe that Sea World is a great break from the other parks, because the lines are nowhere near as long, it is also a lot cheaper and it offers a different kind of experience than the others.

If you want to experience Orlando’s nightlife there are 3 places which I recommend going, CityWalk, Downtown Disney, and Downtown Orlando. Although Citywalk and Downtown Disney are mostly filled with tourists, both ensures you an amazing night. Because of theme parks, nightlife, and overall magic that is Orlando, you and you’re family are guaranteed a great time.

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Conor Doherty

By: Conor Doherty | Published on February 3, 2014

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