Reasons to travel in your 20’s
By Cassandra Finno | Published on November 5, 2018
Reasons to travel in your 20’s

Traveling in your 20’s is exhilarating and it’s the perfect age to do so. Even though you might not have all the money as you would later in life to do it glamorously, you have the energy to really dive into a location. We know you never really need a reason to travel, but here’s a few we thought of, especially if you’re young.

You’re Young
You’re in your 20’s! You are young, alive and full of exploration. Do it while you can, you might look back when you’re older and wished you traveled more. You’ll have amazing stories to tell for the rest of your life.

It can actually be cheaper
If you’re in college, they actually have programs that allow you to travel while you’re in school. Yes, you have your usual “study abroad” posters all over campus, but there are other options available to students that’ll open doors to traveling all over the world. If you’re not in school, you’re probably not at the point yet to require the utmost of luxury while away, helping to cut costs.

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Study abroad in college
Most, if not all, colleges offer a program to study abroad and if you have that chance, take it! If you feel a year is too long, do a semester. Check for scholarships too at your school or online, there are many funds that will help subsidize tuition costs.

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It doesn’t always have to be out of the country traveling
If airfare for international travel is blowing up your budget, look within your own country. Domestic flights are for the most part cheaper, and you can uncover the charm of your homeland.

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Go cross country
Some people are not airplane people, and that’s okay. Stuffing a car and hitting the road can expose you to interesting places you might have overlooked. It can be a place seemingly in the middle of nowhere across the country or the next closest major city that you haven’t been to. Get in a car with a few friends and start driving.

You have no real responsibilities … yet
Let’s go back to the first point, you’re young! You have to travel and see the world while you can. Soon enough, real life sets in and adult schedules make it harder to travel, especially out of the country.

Learn a new culture
Exploring the world, allows you to learn other people’s ways of life. Expanding your horizons at a younger age will mature you faster, while making you cultured and wiser. It’s an education onto itself.

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Learn about yourself
Traveling allows you to grow as a person and you get to figure out, well, you! Whether you are alone or with friends, you will come home knowing something you may have not known or been sure about before.

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Pro tip: Be humble, stay humble
Traveling is a ton of fun, but it’s always nice to go home. When you tell everyone what an amazing time you had, do it from a position of inspiration, not in a braggadocios way.

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By: Cassandra Finno | Published on November 5, 2018

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