Three Clearest Lakes in Europe
By Brianna Bizik | Published on October 10, 2016
Three Clearest Lakes in Europe

Most of us hold fond memories of summers at the lake. Days spent fishing, swimming, jumping in from the dock, and nights spent basking in the warm glow of a lakeside fire. But, odds are the lakes of your past can’t compare to Europe’s top three clearest lakes. From ice cold glacier melt to warm waterfalls, these next three crystal clear bodies of water are can’t-miss destinations for nature and photography lovers alike.

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1. Lake Annecy, France
The third largest lake in France and 80-meters deep in some areas, Lake Annecy is a glorious body of water sourced from mountain streams. A deep spring at on end of the lake alone provides thirty percent of the the lake’s water.Water sports like swimming, sailing, diving, boating, fishing, and waterskiing are enhanced by the clarity that allows fans of the lake to see into the water perfectly. In addition, walkers and cyclists are invited by its pleasant shores to enjoy the serenity of the water without having to set foot into the lake. To guarantee the most awe-inspiring experience, you can even consider paragliding over the lake. Now that’s an adventure to brag about.


2. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia
At Plitvice National Park, sixteen is better than one. That’s right, in this stunning park, you get way more than you bargained for with sixteen unbelievably beautiful and clear lakes that tumble into one another by waterfalls and cascades. The waters here are rich in minerals and carve through the rock formations to create smooth textures that you can see through to the bottom. If you don’t have six hours to see all the lakes, you can catch the bus to the top of the upper lakes, and hike down to where a boat then can sweep you away to explore the lower lakes. The tallest waterfall in Croatia can be observed in this park and viewed by the overhanging footbridges. Although this destination may be a hiker’s dream, swimmers will have to find another lake to get their toes wet as swimming is not permitted in any of the lakes.

three_clearest_lakes_europe_lake_plitvice©Marco Klapper

3. Lake Königsee, Germany
The very deepest and clearest lake in Germany is Lake Königsee, measuring 620-feet deep at it’s lowest depth. This incredible landform was created during the last ice age as a result of some serious glacial melt. This lake frequents swimmers and boaters during the lazy summer days, and is believed to be Germany’s cleanest lake. Hikers and joggers enjoy the serene lake area as well, using the hundred year old railroad path that cuts through the surrounding terrain. The Königsee train station is now a restaurant, so those who come to enjoy this lake are never far away from a delicious and authentic meal.

three_clearest_lakes_europe_lake_k©Andy Walker

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By: Brianna Bizik | Published on October 10, 2016

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