Three Rugby Stadiums in Australia Everyone Should Visit
By Eric Kraljic | Published on August 8, 2016
Three Rugby Stadiums in Australia Everyone Should Visit

While Australia is undoubtedly a leading tourist attraction for its beaches, nightlife and festive atmosphere, there is another aspect within the country that makes it a great travel destination. Australians are rapid sports fans, most notably for soccer, cricket and rugby. Rugby is played across the country on both the professional and amateur levels, resulting in an intense love for the sport. Whether you are accustom to the rules of rugby or not, the game is similar to that of football and is an amazing game to view up close. Attending a rugby match in one of its amazing stadiums will immerse you in Australian culture, a truly remarkable experience for sure.

Stadium Australia
Completed in 1999, Stadium Australia, also known as ANZ Stadium, was specifically designed to host the 2000 Olympics. Today it is mainly used for sporting events and concerts. Located in Sydney, this monstrous stadium is currently home to seven sports teams. With a capacity of 83,000, five rugby teams call ANZ their home. Most notably, both the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs and South Sydney Rabbitohs of the National Rugby League play their home matches at the stadium. As the largest stadium in all of Australia, watching a rugby match with more than 80,000 people is a perfect way to acclimate and be a part of Australian culture.

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Allianz Stadium
Formerly known as Aussie Stadium, Allianz Stadium in Sydney is also one of the best sporting venues in Australia. The Sydney Roosters, one of the most successful rugby teams in Australian history, call Allianz Stadium home. Aside from the Roosters, the Australian National Rugby League team known as the Kangaroos, also compete here when they host other countries. The stadium itself has an oval-shaped structure, with the roof and seating constructed in a wave-like manner. The location of the stadium, along with its Rugby teams that play here give you all the reason to take in a match.

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SunCorp Stadium
Redeveloped in 2003 after 90 years of use, SunCorp Stadium is arguably the best sporting venue in all of Australia due its raucous environment and up-front seating.  With its new design, the field level seats are located just feet from the field, giving spectators one of the best views in all of sports. Not only are the field level seats provided with a spectacular view, every seat is situated to make it seem like you are on the field. Not only is the stadium unique in its design, it was also built on a cemetery, probably the only of its kind. SunCorp Stadium is especially different than most stadiums in Australia in that it was the very first to host Rugby matches.

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By: Eric Kraljic | Published on August 8, 2016

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