Warped Tour Profile: Avion Roe
By Christopher Remmers | Published on August 10, 2016
Warped Tour Profile: Avion Roe

A self-described melodramatic rock band from Dallas, Texas, Avion Roe formed in 2011, releasing their debut album later that year. After a few years of touring and an EP release mixed in, Avion Roe is back having just released their critically-acclaimed album “In Separation“. With the band’s momentum ever-growing, we spent a few minutes pulling back the curtains on their inspiration, time on Vans Warped Tour and finding out where they’d like to perform across the globe.

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Chris Remmers: So, why don’t we start off by telling us where you’re from and how you got started.

Evan Couture: We are a band called Avion Roe. My name’s Evan Couture. I sing in the band.

Jordan Modro: My name’s Jordan Modro. I play guitar in the band.

EC: We are a band from Dallas, Texas. We’re a rock band that was formed in 2011. I don’t know, we’ve been playing music what feels like our whole lives. I like to say that fate brought us together, maybe a little bit of good timing and good luck. We put out a record in 2011 called “The Art of Fiction” and did the Warped Tour a couple of times – a couple other club tours. We just finished our first record-label debut called “In Separation”. It got put out on [June 17th, 2016], through Epitaph Records. So, we’re just out here supporting the record and meeting fans and making friends. We’re just having a blast playing music.

Warped Tour Profile: Avion Roe© Daxis

JM: It’s hard to have a band time on Warped Tour. Like, even through all the [cruddy] weather and all that stuff, it is the most fun time you could ever have.

CR: That’s amazing.

EC: It’s kind of like summer camp. A lot of people say it’s like summer camp. So, I think the end of it actually becomes bitter sweet if you’re going to the next thing, but you miss the family you created.

CR: So, you guys obviously said you’ve played here before. This isn’t your first rodeo here at Warped Tour. What are some of the things that excite you about being here versus the other venues or places around the country?

JM: Honestly, just how busy it is. Everyone is running around whether you’re in a band, you’re in a crew, you’re a fan. Everyone’s running around doing what they’ve got to do, and you kind of like to see the hustle and bustle of the tour. It starts from the beginning of the day to the end of the night. You really don’t get a lot of sleep out here, but you kind of forget about it.


EC: You never sleep. You are often sun drained and heat exhausted, but it’s about music. You keep going because you love music that much, and you love meeting fans. People that love music so much that will every time put their love for music above their love for comfort. We see it every day. People drenched in sweat. People who have thrown up or broken an arm and stayed at the concert, because they love music that much. That’s something powerful. It’s the power of music.

CR: Where does your inspiration come from? When you’re traveling on the road? Or, is it more when you’re back home and you get to see your family again, and you kind of get hit with that nostalgia?

EC: Our inspiration, whether we’re writing or on the road, is really just the life that’s been set in front of us. It always feels like we’ve just accomplished something, and it always feels like we just failed at something at the same time. You know, being in a band there’s this side behind the curtain that people don’t see, where there is always an obstacle in your way. Something that you want to achieve that you haven’t. That, for us, is a big part of our inspiration. Let’s triumph every-single time we’re tested. That’s a big tester for our band. And, every time we do, we’re a band that celebrates every little victory that we can. So, I think, those two things together are what keeps us going. That’s our drive right there.

Warped Tour Profile: Avion Roe© Steven Guzzardi

JM: You just kind of want to find your place in the world, and for our band we just feel like this our place. This is what we’re supposed to be doing. We just love doing it. Everyone’s like, “You guys are so passionate at what you do. You can just feel the energy on stage.” And, it’s really easy when this is what you love doing. I could work a job that I hate. Or, I could be doing something that I’m not happy doing. And, we’re so happy to wake up every day and do this.

EC: Probably one of the most received compliments that we get is people say that, “You guys seem so passionate about what you do, it’s visible to others.” The response is always, “It’s easy to come off that way when it’s genuine.”

CR: [Is] there anywhere that you haven’t played yet, that for you would just be like, “We made it”?

EC: Yeah, like Wembley. There’s a ton of places that I would love to play. And, actually on this tour we got to play New Orleans for the first time, which is where I’m from. So, I had a lot of family come out to that. That was really full-circle for me. But, I would love to play Australia.

JM: I would love to go to Alaska.

CR: Of all the places anyone’s ever said I want to play, I’ve never heard Alaska. Why?

Warped Tour Profile: Avion Roe© Ian D. Keating

JM: It’s just a beautiful looking state.

EC: A vacation to Alaska is different than let’s go play Alaska. I would rather vacation there than, “Let’s go get all of our equipment to Alaska.”

CR: Get on the planes over the mountains!

EC: But yeah, the preshow, the Warped Tour preshow was in Alaska.

JM: Yeah, it was in Anchorage.

EC: I think ultimately we want to play where people want to hear our band.

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