Travel Profile: Luna Blaise
By Christopher Remmers | Published on November 12, 2015
Travel Profile: Luna Blaise

An American actress, Luna Blaise is an up-and-coming talent currently starring in ABC’s “Fresh Off the Boat” series. In addition to her time on TV, Blaise shot for an indie movie “Memoria“, alongside James Franco and Sam Dillon, which recently premiered November 1st. 

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Chris Remmers: Where are you from and what’s the atmosphere like in your hometown?

Luna Blaise: I grew up in Los Angeles, more specifically in Hollywood around Franklin Village. It is very trendy, artsy and has a pop culture atmosphere which was to be expected living so close to the Hollywood sign. It’s just a beautiful place.

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CR: Would you say that growing up under those conditions has influenced you to any degree in pursing your career at such a young age?

LB: I don’t necessarily think that is the case. I think that as a younger child I looked at it as a hobby at first. Once I started to get older that is when I decided this was something that I should take more serious, because of the potential I saw.

CR: That’s awesome! Its nice, especially at such a young age to know where your career may lead. Switching to traveling, where are some of the places that you have gotten to see so far? Do you have a specific place that stands out to you?

LB: I have a passion for travel, but since a did a majority of my traveling when I was younger I did not get to take in as many of the sights as I do now. I actually love New York, I don’t really know why. I love it so much it’s just such a different place with a heavy breakout-star atmosphere. Another place that I really enjoyed was Boise, Idaho. It was just so beautiful with the trees, and the different sights I would put that on my list of places to go back and visit.

Other than that I have not been able to travel too much recently, but when I was younger I had been to Spain, Scotland and London. My dad was actually from Scotland along with all of his family. So I did travel quite a bit when I was younger, but I do plan to start traveling more very soon and I cannot wait. One place that I really want to go is Bora Bora!

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CR: Any particular reason for Bora Bora?

LB: Well, it all started out when me and my two closest friends were talking about the places that we really wanted to go and we wound up on Bora Bora. We’re really excited to get to go there in the summer and hopefully it will be an amazing experience.

CR: That’s quite the destination! So, leading me into my next question, when you hear the word “vacation”, what are some of the things that pop into your mind?

LB: I personally think about vacation in sort of a tropical setting, beaches, photos, somewhere that I am not used to and an atmosphere I do not experience every day. So since I live in a city environment the tropics is something I think about when I hear vacation.

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CR: What about when you are arriving to a new destination? What are some of the first things that you try and do when you finally settle down?

LB: I would say look around and take in the sights and take a bunch of photos. I like to just explore, see what I am going to be doing wherever I am and get a feel for the location.

CR: Out of all the places that you have preformed in, do you have a specific place that if you filmed at you could say to yourself, “Wow, I made it”?

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LB: That is a tough question! I would love to film anywhere, but if I had to pick a location or place I would say somewhere in EuropeItaly or Paris.

CR: Do you have any particular connection to those places, or do you feel like they are just the place to be?

LB: I think its just the place to be. I’d love to film there and even just go their to see the sights like the Eiffel Tower and everything else those places has to offer.

CR: Do you have a bucket list of destinations that you haven’t been to yet but really want to go?

LB: Yes I do! Defiantly Paris, but my top would be Bora Bora. Then I would say next is weird, but I would have to say South Africa.

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CR: Wow, any reason their or?

LB: Well, one of my favorite YouTubers is from South Africa and he did this video of him there. It just looks so beautiful and going on a safari there is on my top list of things to do. Zip-lines sound like they would be so much fun too.

CR: Oh my, I am scared of heights I would never be able to do something like that! Is there anywhere in the states that you have not been to that you want to see?

LB: I would say Hawaii is defiantly on my list, an I would specifically like to go to Kauai. I just think the scenery is amazing and would love to see it.

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CR: So lastly, do you have any big trips or jobs coming up in the near future?

LB: Well next year we are planning to go to Europe for a period of time.

CR: For any particular reason? Vacation or Work?

LB: Just to travel and get to experience different cultures. I would also love to get the chance to see family in Norway while we’re out there. I think all in all it will be an amazing trip!

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Be sure to watch Luna Blaise in Memoria:

Travel Profile: Luna Blaise

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By: Christopher Remmers | Published on November 12, 2015

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