Warped Tour Profile: Palaye Royale
By Christopher Remmers | Published on August 2, 2016
Warped Tour Profile: Palaye Royale

On 2016’s full-length debut, Boom Room Room (Side A) [Sumerian Records], Palaye Royale — brothers Remington Leith [vocals], Sebastian Danzig [guitar, organs], and Emerson Barrett [drums] — bring their theatrically charged fashion-forward art rock to life in vivid and vibrant technicolor. We caught them on Vans Warped Tour to chat all things travel and music.

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Chris Remmers: Thanks for sitting down with me here. Why don’t we just start by you guys telling the fans a little bit about where you’re from?

Palaye Royale: Hello, this is Emerson, Sebastian and Remington with a band called Palaye Royale. We are a band from Los Angeles, California, but originally from Las Vegas, Nevada.

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CR: Very nice, is this your guys first time on Warped Tour?

PR: Yeah, first full Warped Tour. We did one date in 2014 for Las Vegas when we did Battle of the Bands. So, it’s nice to see a little progression.

CR: For sure. What’s it like for you guys when you’re out west traveling around the country? How different is it being on Warped Tour versus your other concerts around country?

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PR: Touring in general is what we love to do, but I think this has more of a cultural movement where everyone that’s in to actual live entertainment comes here and enjoys the day. You can see thousands of people and over 50 bands. It’s a really cool thing. I think this is the only thing that’s actually making a movement still with the youth.

CR: Absolutely. Now, obviously this requires a ton of traveling, would you say that you guys get any musical inspiration from being on the road? Or does that kind of happen behind closed doors when you guys are back home?

PR: I don’t know, I think inspiration is meant to be drawn from everywhere. I find I do my best existing when I am on tour. When I’m home I get bored.


CR: This is a pretty common question, but we like to tie in music and travel and how they really fit together. How do you guys feel music and travel really fit together in your lives?

PR: At this point we are pretty much gypsies, the bandwagon is our home. So, music is kind of like our salvation of travel.

CR: Is there anything specifically you guys are excited to do while you are out here, besides performing? We are close to the city, we are close to a lot of historical things.

PR: It’s funny, Warped Tour is just a traveling town. We’re not just going to a different city every day. We’re setting up a city in a different city. So there’s not much that you really see. We did have a good time in New Orleans, that was really cool. I had never been. There is a clock tower or building over there I want to sneak in to later tonight, it’s near our buses. It looks really decrepit.

CR: That’s awesome. When I pulled in here today there was probably about 200 buses and I’m looking around at the sea of people. Being here it just reinvigorates you. Don’t even need a Monster when you walk out of here. There’s a lot of monster.

PR: It’s good to have friends.

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CR: Do you guys have anything big planned when you’re done with Warped Tour?

PR: The plan for us is to be on the road until the end of fall next year. So, we are just figuring out what is suitable for our music to be on tours. Our record just came out, so we’re going to be supporting that as much as we can. Then we’ll take a little break after two years of touring and make another record.

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CR: Do you guys have anywhere specifically that you want to play that you haven’t played yet?

PR: Japan, because we will be the tallest people there. We’re are anime’s, we’re like walking anime.

Warped Tour Profile: Palaye Royale

CR: It seems like you guys get a lot of support out here. Seems like a good time traveling around with everyone.

PR: Yeah, that’s the best about this tour. We have more friends out on this tour than we do at home. It’s great! We’re traveling with our friends and we’ve toured with a lot of them. We just finished a tour with I See Stars and Chunk. Then we did a tour with Ghost Town. We are really good friends with the guys in Sleeping [with Sirens]. We just all have a lot of stories that we can’t repeat, so when we walk past each other we just snicker.

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By: Christopher Remmers | Published on August 2, 2016

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