Travel Profile: Soren Bryce
By Christopher Remmers | Published on October 27, 2015
Travel Profile: Soren Bryce

Singer/songwriter Soren Bryce is a sizzling musician from northern Texas, who’s currently based out of Los Angeles. With her fire for creating music ever-burning, she has followed up her debut, crowdfunded album with a self-titled EP that just released this past August.

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Chris Remmers: Why don’t we start by having you tell us a little bit about where you are from?

Soren Bryce: Okay. I’m from this town called Amarillo, Texas, on the panhandle, kind of by Oklahoma. It’s kind of windy and sort of downtown. It’s a pretty big town, but it’s still very Texas. I was born and raised there. I was there until I was 18.

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CR: Oh wow. I have taken multiple trips to Dallas and Austin and I have to say it’s beautiful down there. I’m from New Jersey.

SB: Dallas is the closest major city to us.

CR: That’s awesome. How would you say growing up in that area has kind of influenced what you do now in the past couple of years?

SB: I got to discover new genres of music that I feel like a lot of young people that are in bigger cities don’t really get — folk music, classic country music, rock, classic rock music. I grew up listening to classic rock. I listened to different styles of music besides mainstream pop music at a young age. I also grew up playing violin. That was my first instrument. In school, we had to pick an elective and it was between choir and orchestra. I picked orchestra. I have always kind of had an ear for different genres.

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CR: Amazing. Do you have any more musical instruments under your belt?

SB: Yeah, I play guitar and piano too.

CR: Wow! You’ve got my respect. Would you say getting into the music industry is something you have always wanted to do or it kind of grew on you as you discovered and learned new things?

SB: You know, when I was studying violin I really thought that was what I was going to do. So I guess I was still in the music world. But I thought I was going to go to school and major in violin, enjoying some symphonies somewhere. It definitely changed drastically when I started writing actual songs and people started recognizing the talent I had. They encouraged me to keep writing. It kind of all became real when I met my manager when I was 15. She kind of help me develope into where I am now. So, I would say it grew on me for sure, but the transition point from orchestra to writing was very drastic.


CR: I would say so. That’s a pretty wide spectrum right there. So switching gears a little bit, in terms of vacation, what comes to your mind when someone says the word vacation?

SB: I think probably just going to a place you have never been before and doing things you have never done. Vacation is also the journey as well, to and from the destination. I think the whole word vacation is really the whole journey overall.

CR: Where would you categorize yourself as far as vacationer? Are you a sightseer in cities? Do you like to hit the beach and veg out?

SB: I really like nature and I really like hiking. I like cold areas. I like Washington and Oregon. I’m not much of a heat person, which is kind of funny because I live in California. I never really liked the beach, I guess.

CR: Are you a skier or snowboarder or any extreme sport enthusiast?

SB: Yeah, I try. I’m really uncoordinated. I’ve tried snowboarding and I did it for a little bit, but I’m not really uncoordinated so I kind of just slowly scoot down the mountain.

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CR: I would probably be on the same level there. In your time of traveling around and seeing different things, is there anything that stands out to you that you can say or use as inspiration on a frequent basis?

SB: I go to New York a lot and I feel I really inspired whenever I’m there, mostly because the environment is so different. Even the atmosphere and the people are so different. I get all my inspiration from people and life. I like traveling to NY because I get to see a new side of different types of people than here in Los Angeles.

CR: Is the NY atmosphere almost a culture shock being a Texas girl coming to NY? I have lived here my whole life. So going to Texas for me personally, I felt like everyone was so nice.

SB: Yeah, it was a culture shock. I had gone to LA before my first trip to NY, so I felt a little prepared. It’ so much different from LA.

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CR: Everyone has a bucket list of destinations. Do you have a top three that you really want to get to?

SB: The only time I have ever been out of the country was Canada. So I really want to go over Europe. I know that sounds super cliché because everyone is like, “I want to go to Europe.”

CR: Do you have anywhere specific?

SB: Probably London, or outside of London. I like seeing parts of history. It would be cool to see where Shakespeare grew up. Or even to go over to Germany.

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CR: Absolutely! As far as your music career, what would be a moment where you would kind of sit back and say, “Wow, I made it”?

SB: I’m really excited because I’m actually going on tour in November. The November tour is in LA and one of the places I always wanted to play in is the El Ray Theatre and we get to play there a the end of the tour. It’s like a little piece of gold I get to reach. Besides that, I’m trying to think of other cities because I really only know all the venues in LA. Everyone wants to play in Radio City or even at Woodstock, I think that would be cool. Festivals would be so much fun.

CR: Absolutely, festivals are probably the best because that’s the kind of atmosphere that gets you involved. When you are arriving in one of these new destinations or places, what are some of the things you like to do first to get out of the way?

SB: I really just like to walk around. I went to Nashville for the first time in May of this year. I got there and had a day before my driving/camp thing started. I literally just walked outside and started walking. I just walked around and I got to see Vanderbilt University. I went to downtown Nashville and got to see a lot. It was cool. I was happy that I did it the first day, because I was so busy the rest of the time that I didn’t get a chance to really sightsee. I was happy that I got that time to myself to see the new place.

Travel Profile: Soren Bryce

CR: The pleasures of traveling. Lastly, when is the next big trip and what is it for?

SB: Like I said earlier, I’m about to go on the West Coast tour. It’s going to be really fun. I’m recording with Drew Littlegreen. It’s going all the way up to Vancouver, some dates in Arizona, and then back to LA. I’m really excited to play in Vancouver because I have never really played music outside of the country. I have really only ever played NY or California. I’m super excited to see what the crowd is like out there and whether or not it’s a different atmosphere.

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For more on Soren Bryce visit her website:

Travel Profile: Soren Bryce

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By: Christopher Remmers | Published on October 27, 2015

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