Warped Tour Profile: Teenage Bottlerocket
By Christopher Remmers | Published on July 18, 2016
Warped Tour Profile: Teenage Bottlerocket

Coming from Laramie, Wyoming, Kody Templeman (vocalist/guitarist) formed Teenage Bottlerocket, joined by Joel Pattinson (guitarist), as well as Ray (vocals/bass) and Brandon Carlisle (drums), recording their first album “Total” in 2005. Fast forward and now they’re jamming out on Vans Warped Tour in 2016. Here’s a peak at our sit down backstage.

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Chris Remmers: How you doing man? Now tell us and the fans at home a little bit about you. Where are you from?

Teenage Bottlerocket: I’m good man, here we are. I am Ray, I play in Teenage Bottlerocket. I sing and play guitar, and I am from Wyoming.

Warped Tour Profile: Teenage Bottlerocket© Loren Kerns

CR: Wow, you’re far from home my friend.

TB: I am, you know. Maybe the exact opposite of Long Island.

CR: Have you played Warped Tour before?

TB: We have. We played Warped Tour in 2014 so this is our first time back, second time around. It’s been cool man, good vibes. All the vibes, love it. Our friends “Less Than Jake” are out here and it’s cool to hang out with those dudes.

CR: We just talked to them, super nice guys.

TB: Love them. Yeah, we’re making some new friends and just going out there trying to crush it every day you know.

CR: Of course. What’s different being here at Warped Tour versus maybe a couple other venues you played at or shows similar to this?

TB: Well the audience is the biggest difference you know. Just a lot of young people and a lot less alcohol.

CR: So tell me, when you guys are out here is there any kind of before performance ritual you guys go through?

TB: Well with Warped Tour, particularly with this one, we are learning a new song that we haven’t played in quite some time with every show. So, that’s different for every day. We group together before every set and listen to the song we are going to do that day. We have the acoustic guitar and go through it. So, it’s become sort of a ritual. We already played 45 songs this summer, and our goal is 80.

CR: Wow! 80?

TB: Yeah. We will finish the Warped Tour with 80 songs that we played.

Warped Tour Profile: Teenage Bottlerocket© Ted Van Pelt

CR: Dude, you got to crush it man. What’s it like traveling here? Do you get inspiration traveling on the road and doing shows like this to write music?

TB: Yeah, got to! Hell yeah, I do. We’ve never really been the band that writes on the road though. But, it has happened occasionally. It’s usually just lyrically. You know, not grabbing a guitar and hacking out a whole song or anything like that.

CR: Of course, can understand that. What would you then say you’re inspiration comes from when you are creating full tracks?

TB: Oh man, all different types of places. Maybe just having a melody in your head and putting some lyrics to it, or just picking up the guitar and hashing out a song. I don’t know how these songs come about. It’s natural.

CR: They just make their way to the stage.

TB: Yeah. Sometimes all of us just jamming together and start screwing around with a rift that does it.

CR: You’ll probably leave here sometime tonight or tomorrow and head to Hartford, Connecticut for the next stop on Warped. Are you excited about that?

TB: Yeah, I think it’s going to be different than Long Island for sure. We’re totally excited, but we are here now, so we’ve got to take advantage of today. We will worry about tomorrow then.

Warped Tour Profile: Teenage Bottlerocket© Hans J. E.

CR: Absolutely! Sometimes people get stuck going into the future and it screws up there brain. You’ve got to worry about the here and the now. Do you guys have any other shows or big tours coming up when you are finished with Warped Tour?

TB: We’re going to go to Europe in December with this band called “Bones”. We are also going up to Edmonton and Calgary in September. Our new drummer is from Edmonton, Alberta, so we’re going to go up there and prove to all his friends that he is actually in our band.

CR: That’s amazing, I’ve heard good things about Alberta.

TB: Yeah, I love it. Great punk scene man. Edmonton especially has a shredding punk scene.

Warped Tour Profile: Teenage Bottlerocket© Kurt Bauschardt

CR: That’s amazing. Do you guys have any international stuff coming up besides Canada?

TB: Like I said the European thing. Nothing outside of Warped Tour right now, but we are going to maybe write a record and start again. Repeat the process.

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By: Christopher Remmers | Published on July 18, 2016

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