20 Ways to Make a Couples Vacation More Romantic
By Sean Ritchie | Published on April 9, 2014
20 Ways to Make a Couples Vacation More Romantic

A couples vacation within itself is one of the most romantic things you can do with your loved one. If it’s a weekend getaway or a week-long trip, spending alone time with your partner is sure to add romance. BUT there are some touches you can make to add to the trips grandeur and memorability. Here are some of our suggestions:

20 Ways to Make a Couples Vacation More Romantic

Who wouldn’t love to eat a romantic dinner on the beach?

1. Make sure you book a couples resort. Nothing can ruin a romantic getaway more than children running around screaming.

2. Upgrade to an ocean-view room. A few extra bucks will pay off dividends.

3. Surprise your loved one with a chilled bottle of Champagne upon arrival. It’s the small touches that mean the most right?

4. Do your research and pick a resort that fits your personalities. The resort can make or break your vacation.

5. Find a resort that offers dinners on the beach. More and more resorts are adding this special touch. Waves crashing behind a candle-lit dinner will create a wonderful ambiance.

6. Surprise you’re loved one with a spa treatment. Couples massages are a great touch, but if spa’s aren’t for you, it’ll give you some alone time at the bar.

7. Call house keeping when you leave the room. Coming back to a clean room will add to the perfection.

8. Surprise your loved one with a room service breakfast, and serve it to them in bed. 

9. Pack some of their favorite wine and surprise them with it throughout the vacation.

10. Unplug! Don’t turn on the TV and get off your phone. If you have to check you’re email for work, do it once a day. Getting away from technology will bring you closer.

11. Schedule a sightseeing or entertainment trip you know they’ll enjoy. The best part of traveling is seeing the destination. While being trapped at the resort will be amazing, increase the memorability by experiencing the culture of the destination.

12. Fall asleep on your balcony under the stars.

20 Ways to Make a Couples Vacation More Romantic

Watching a sunrise or sunset together simply breaths romance!

13. Watch a sunrise or a sunset. For beach getaways, if you’re on the east coast of your destination sunrises over the water are spectacular. Similarly, if you’re on the destination’s west cost the sunsets are perfection.

14. Cliche alert! Take a walk on the beach. It’s cliche for a reason…

15. Buy them a book you know they’ll enjoy reading. Not many things are as relaxing as reading on vacation.

16. Pick a destination they have never been to. Spreading their travel wings will add to the trips mystique.

17. Make sure you enjoy each other. Don’t be so occupied with scheduling every second of the vacation. Spend as much down time together as possible.

18. Listen to your loved one. If you really know them you’ll know what they think is romantic. Add those touches to the trip.

19. Schedule late flights coming home. Nothing is worse than having an early airport transfer. Most hotels will give you a late checkout and allow you to use the resorts facilities until you leave.

20. As always, put your loved one first. Making their trip special and memorable, will make you feel better than anything you could do for yourself.

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By: Sean Ritchie | Published on April 9, 2014

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