Five Pet-Friendly Cities
By Tyler Blackman | Published on September 3, 2015
Five Pet-Friendly Cities

Most people have their life in a routine, wake up, work, a small window of relaxing, then back to bed to start the day over again. Because of this we may tend to overlook and take for granted some minor responsibilities, like pets. Pets play a huge part in many people’s lives. They’re “man’s best friend” because they understand us better than most humans and are always there for us. There’s a famous quote, “For you they’re a part in your life, but to them you are their life.” Spending more time with your pet has been proven to help depression, anxiety and stress. So, why wouldn’t you want to travel with them too? Finding the right pet-friendly city can be challenging, but we’ve came up with the following five to guide you while you’re away.

First on the list is Minneapolis, Minnesota. Out of the almost over 250-restaurants in the 60-square-mile city, nearly 30 cater to dog owners, allowing your loyal companion to join you at dinner. If bringing your dog to dinner doesn’t seem appealing, there are also over 200 different parks and trails within the city limits.

Five Pet-Friendly CitiesPhoto courtesy | Doug Kerr

Next up is Tucson, Arizona, home to the famous Pitbulooza in honor of National Pit Bull Awareness day. This dog and animal friendly town is great for pets, as it’s known for its remarkably consistent warm weather, averaging a high of 81-degrees. Seven-animal-friendly parks and 42-animal-welcomed restaurants can be found within the 237-square-mile city.

Now it’s off to Albuquerque, New Mexico. With over 10-animal-friendly parks and over 20-different trails, this city is home to over 190-square-miles of wide open space. The city’s vastness is perfect for letting a dog off their leash, allowing them to run freely in the desert. For those of you longing  to bring your dog to dinner, there are eight-animal-friendly restaurants where you can feed your pet at the table.

Five Pet-Friendly CitiesPhoto courtesy | Joe Wolf

Another great, animal friendly city is Austin, Texas. The city is loved by many animal lovers for the extreme friendliness and upbeat attitude shown between owners and pets. Austin truly has the animals in mind, as it’s famous for having the first mobile, dog-feeding truck in the nation, Bow Wow Bones. Founded by Austinite Lara Enzor, a dog-food specialist, you can spot the truck pulling up at dog parks across the city. Combining all that with, yes, five-animal friendly restaurants, along with it’s warm climate, and you have quite the list of reasons to bring your pet on the next visit.

Lastly, we have San Francisco, California. With over 20-animal-friendly parks, the city has been voted second in the nation for its walkability. Adding in the beautiful, waterfront scenery and pristine weather and you have the ideal walking city. Finally, over 20-different-animal friendly restaurants exist in the Golden Gate City.

Five Pet-Friendly CitiesPhoto courtesy | Nicolas Raymond

Traveling the country with your friends is great, but traveling the road with man’s best friend is even better. So, next time you embark on a road trip, hit these cities and bond with your pet along the way. It’s sure to make memories you’ll never forget.

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Tyler Blackman

By: Tyler Blackman | Published on September 3, 2015

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