Five Places to Vacation With Your Pets
By Daniel Santos | Published on April 25, 2017
Five Places to Vacation With Your Pets

Pets are family. No matter what you have whether it be a dog, cat, lizard, bunny, or parrot, anyone with a pet shares a bond with their companion. Although, we love our pets unconditionally, we can’t bring them everywhere. Pet owners will know that vacations can be an absolute hassle with pets. Many places aren’t very accepting of pets, but when you find the right place, bringing your loving companion becomes priority one. Here are a couple of nice vacations spots to consider the next time you want to bring your pets along:

1. Cape Cod, Massachusetts
This one’s a no brainer. The beaches in Cape Cod are numerous and widespread. Although, there are tons of beaches here, you still have to be careful which beaches have pet restrictions. Cape Cod has a huge influx of visitors so pet admittance can be difficult at times. Fret not, there are still plenty of options for you and your pet. Truro, Wellfleet, and Eastham beach are a few that welcome pets. One these beaches, pets are allowed anywhere, there isn’t a designated location for humans so pick a nice spot and enjoy the sights. If you’re interested in a nice walk, stop by the Cape Cod Rail Trail for a long walk through many pet friendly beach towns. Food and water are available on the trail so you and your pet can stay hydrated.

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2. Austin, Texas
If you want a more urban environment, try out Austin, Texas. In Austin, you and your pet can travel nearly everywhere. Most retail establishments are pet friendly as long as your pet is friendly and well-behaved. Most restaurants in Austin follow a similar mindset allowing your furry friend to hang out on the patio as you enjoy the food and Austin’s wonderful sights. When the cityscape becomes too much to handle, Austin offers over 15 off leash dog parks to take your pup to unwind.

Pet_Vacation_Image_2© Tim Sackton

3. San Francisco, California
San Francisco is one of America’s top vacation destinations. Not only is it one of America’s top destinations, it’s also an incredible pet-friendly city. Featuring over 50 parks and hiking trails, San Francisco offers many options to take your pet out on a stroll. Much like Austin, San Francisco also offers pet-friendly patio restaurants so you don’t have to worry about bringing your pet out for food. If you plan on taking your pet through the city, you won’t have any issues taking their San Francisco’s famous cable cars, which invite pets. Not only is there tons of parks and restaurants available for your pets, you can even take them on the Blue and Gold Fleet Bay Cruises. Want to take a trip around the bay? Don’t leave your pet behind on this adventure!

Pet_Vacation_Image_3© Bernard Spragg

4. San Diego, California
This one is more for dog owners. The seaside city of San Diego is a dream holiday for dog lovers. Not only do they have 16 off-leash parks for your furry friends, there are also special places you can enjoy with your pet. The Lighthouse Ice Cream Shop offers Frosty Paws, a sugar free ice cream specially made for your pup. There is also Paw Pleasers, a dog-dedicated bakery featuring fresh baked doggie treats. San Diego also features a dedicated Dog Beach, where your pet can swim and play to their hearts content. Need to do some shopping? The Otay Ranch Town Center welcomes both human and animal shoppers.

Pet_Vacation_Image_4© Pea Sap

5. Fort Collins, Colorado
Not the most popular destination on this list, but you’ll be surprised how much you can do with your pet in this town. The main attraction of Fort Collins is the numerous breweries that the city offers that allows pets. Most breweries allow pets to relax on the patio. And if the patio just isn’t enough, New Belgium Brewery and Funwerks Brewery allow pets to join their owners in the tasting rooms so they don’t have to leave their loved ones side. Be sure to drive up to the Horsetooth Reservoir for some time by the lakeside. It’s a short hike, but once your there it’s a get spot to play with your pet. Don’t forget to jump into the lake for a quick swim!

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By: Daniel Santos | Published on April 25, 2017

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