Travel Jacket
By Mehnaz Ladha | Published on October 10, 2015
Travel Jacket

Before reaching your final destination, you spend a good portion of your travel time wheeling carryon luggage around the airport, through the terminals, until you board the aircraft. After squeezing your luggage into an extremely small overhead storage trunk, you can finally sit back and sort of enjoy your flight while the people around you make excessive noise. But, once the plane lands, the unspoken competition begins as you try to be the first one to remove your luggage without hitting anyone in the head. There is a solution that can make your journey less chaotic and more peaceful. It’s the all-in-one BauBax travel jacket whose design includes 15-different features.

The story behind the innovative product begins with the love story of Hiral Sanghavi and Yoganshi Shah, now his wife. Sanghavi, completing his MBA in Illinois, would fly across the country to visit Shah on the West Coast. But each time, he would forget his neck pillow and be forced to buy another one at the airport. Eventually, Shah was fed up with the waste of money and the growing stockpile of neck pillows. The two resolved to put an end to this pattern, developing the BauBax travel jacket. Within five hours of launching a Kickstarter campaign, the creators reached their goal of $20,000 funding the product launch, now totalling over $9.1 million from over 44,000 backers.

Travel Jacket

The inspiration for the product emphasizes the value of comfort to all travelers. Constant traveling takes a toll on your body, making you more exhausted. Nestled into the hood of the jacket is a built in neck pillow that inflates in two seconds with the help of one-touch technology. Also hidden in the hood is an eye mask, ideal for blocking out light. Other features, incorporated to increase comfort while traveling, include built in gloves, multilayered hand warming pockets and a signature BauBax blanket. All these facets of the travel jacket are devised to keep travelers warm and cozy, which is especially important on chilly aircrafts.

The entrepreneurs also understand how technology is closely connected with the traveling experience. It’s no longer uncommon to see people using their laptop, reading on their tablet, or gaming on their smartphone while in the air. With most planes offering in-flight WiFi, the use of technology in the air continues to grow. The BauBax travel jacket is prepared to help the average traveler keep track of all his devices. The iPad pocket frees up space in your bag and makes it convenient to put away when you are not using it. The pocket housing your smartphone is seamlessly connected to the earphones holder, which is designed to keep your wires untangled. The zipper transforms into a pen, extending up to four inches and also functions as a stylus. While electrical outlets are common features in new aircrafts, the BauBax jacket does provide travelers with a portable charging pocket in case they don’t have access to one.

Travel Jacket

The remaining features include an insulated cup holder, a pocket to protect your passport and another to prevent your sunglasses from being crushed. The jacket’s microfiber cloth also makes it easy to clean smudgy lenses. The jacket comes in four different designs: sweatshirt, blazer, windbreaker, or bomber. The price, ranging from $109 to $129, is absolutely worth it considering all the features that are included.

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Mehnaz Ladha

By: Mehnaz Ladha | Published on October 10, 2015

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