Travel Profile: Casey & Owen Jago of Airsickness
By Mike O’Keefe | Published on June 9, 2015
Travel Profile: Casey & Owen Jago of Airsickness

Formed in 2012, Airsickness is a promising rock band out of Tampa, Florida, and has been regionally touring the United States since their inception. Teaming up with Framing Hanley and Heartist, they kick off their east coast tour today.

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Mike O’Keefe: You’re hometown being Tampa, what are the best things to see and do when in town?

Casy Jago: I would say probably Busch Gardens being one of them it’s right in our area — in our backyard. If you go to downtown Ybor [City], there’s all kinds of good music, art and [other entertainment]. You’ve got to go to the beach too — go to St. Pete’s beach or Clearwater beach.

MO: Definitely have to hit the beach.

Owen Jago: Anna Maria Island too.

CJ: Yeah. It’s called the Anna Maria. It’s closer to Bradenton were we live. It’s pretty dope — the beaches around here are awesome. People from out of town want to go to the beach — definitely check our beaches out.

MO: You guys wake up in paradise pretty much every day, unless it’s raining.

CJ: Yeah, you realize when you’re in other places it’s cold, or no sunshine.

MO: Outside of Tampa, what are some other spots to hit in Florida? Why do they stand out?

CJ: Definitely downtown St. Petersburg. It’s really fun, good nightlife and there is always music everywhere. Got to go to Disney World, Universal [Studios] and Orlando. It’s like an hour from us. If you are going to come down here and check out some cool stuff it’s always cool to check out the Everglades — catch some alligators.

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MO: You have shows coming up along the east coast. What cities are you excited to hit?

CJ: They are all places we have never really been before. So were stoked to just get out and play in front of people in all of them.

OJ: All of New York basically.

CJ: Yeah, Staten Island is going to be cool. That’s going to be a cool one because it’s New York City. I don’t think any of us have been ever — that’s going to be pretty dope.

MO: What is the first thing you try and do when visiting a new destination?

OJ: As soon as we get anywhere we’re probably really hungry — check out the food first.

CJ: Yeah, food is obviously one of the necessities. So every time you get somewhere new you want to find a cool place to eat. Everywhere you go has different stuff as far as what they offer for food.

MO: How does music and travel fit together?

CJ: It’s really cool how it works. It’s really fun to travel and listen to music, because when you’re on the road it’s a great way to pass the time. It also brings a different flavor wherever you go. When we are in Maryland we are going to jam to Maryland bands — same in Ohio. Bands are from everywhere and music is created everywhere, so it’s cool to play music from local bands.

Travel Profile: Casey & Owen Jago of AirsicknessPhoto courtesy | Tony Brooks

MO: That’s awesome. Get involved with the music culture in each place.

OJ: Yeah, it’s pretty cool. It brings inspiration too when you’re traveling.

MO: If you could perform in any location in the world where would you play? An iconic venue? Or outside on a beach?

CJ: Maybe at the opera house in Sydney? I don’t know if they have rock bands there. It would be cool to play in Rock am Ring in Nuremberg, Germany too — at the festival. They have it where they used to have all the Nazi rallies. It’s crazy because they had so much hate back then that brought all these people together and now it’s a big music festival. They bring all these people together in the same location, many years later, and it’s a real happy thing. I think that’s really iconic.

MO: Yeah, that’s really interesting.

CJ: Yeah, that’s definitely top of the list for me — Rock am Ring.

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MO: When creating music where does the inspiration come from? Does traveling to new environments play a role?

CJ: The last EP came from stuff that was happening at home. It didn’t come from past experiences. It came from stuff we were experiencing at the time — in the now. It came from problems we faced maybe even a week before we went into the studio.

OJ: There were a lot of themes in that one that, like being at home and not wanting to be stuck in the same place. So I have a feeling that for the next one, since we are going to be doing a bit of traveling and exploring, will have more vibes of being out and traveling.

MO: Everyone has a bucket list. What are three destinations on yours?

CJ: I don’t know if I want to skydive or not yet, that might be one of them. I want to definitely see Niagara [Falls]. I obviously want to see the Grand Canyon. Someone was talking to me about the Galapagos Island’s the other day — so many animals there. Those would be my three.

MO: What about you Owen?

OJ: England for sure. I want to go to Iceland too. I’ve heard Iceland with the northern lights is amazing.

Travel Profile: Casey & Owen Jago of AirsicknessPhoto courtesy | Moyan Brenn

MO: Lastly, when’s the next trip and what for?

CJ: We’ll we’re starting the tour off here in Tampa. That is going to be a big party. Then we are heading straight up to Ohio. We’re going to go through Ohio and then we hit up Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York City, [New] Jersey and Poughkeepsie, [New York]. It’s going to be fun and the best part about it is we’re going out with Framing Hanley and Heartist.

OJ: We’re hopping on the last leg of their tour.

CJ: Both of those guys are real good friends of ours beforehand and it just so happened that we were going to be together on the same tour. That will be pretty sweet — bunch of friends hanging out. We’re stoked for that.

MO: It’s funny how that works out.

CJ: Yeah it’ll be cool to travel to all these new places, and do cool stuff with friends that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to do it with. It’ll be a blast.

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Check out two of Airsickness‘s tracks:


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By: Mike O’Keefe | Published on June 9, 2015

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