100 Travel Profiles — (61-80)
By SunCity Paradise | Published on May 11, 2016
100 Travel Profiles — (61-80)

You’re probably turning really red (or tan) by now.

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61. Travel Profile: Joe Sumner of Fiction Plane

Travel Profile: Joe Sumner of Fiction Plane

A British rock band, Fiction Plane is comprised of Joe Sumner (Bass & Vocals), Seton Daunt (Guitar) and Pete Wilhoit (Drums). Formed in 2001, their …


62. Travel Profile: Kate Simko

Travel Profile: Kate Simko

An American electronic music producer specializing in deep house and minimal techno, Kate Simko developed a love for music at an early age while growing …


63. Travel Profile: Emily Kopp

Travel Profile: Emily Knopp

An up-and-coming American singer/songwriter based around Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Emily Kopp developed a passion for music and travel at a young age.


64. Travel Profile: Chris DeMakes of Less Than Jake

Travel Profile: Chris Demakes of Less Than Jake

Formed in 1992, legendary five-piece ska punk band Less Than Jake is comprised of Chris DeMakes, Roger Lima, Vinnie Fiorello, Buddy Schaub and Peter …


65. Travel Profile: Dusty Kid

Travel Profile: Dusty Kid

Born Paolo Alberto Lodde, Dusty Kid developed his love for music, initially for piano and violin, at an early age, transitioning to electronic music …


66. Travel Profile: Yousef

Travel Profile: Yousef

A world-renowned DJ, producer and head of the famed Circus Recordings, Yousef has traveled the world many times over spreading joy through his music.


67. Brazil Profile: Jimmie Rivera of the UFC

Brazil Profile: Jimmie Rivera of the UFC

Jimmie Rivera, a UFC bantamweight-division fighter, out of Ramsey, New Jersey, currently holds a 18-1 professional record. His latest bout was a split …


68. Travel Profile: Marco Pavé

Travel Profile: Marco Pavé

Marco Pavé is a social activist and rapper representing Memphis Tennessee, the Home of the Blues. Pavé is a strong believer in supporting his …


69. Travel Profile: Bryce Vine

Travel Profile: Bryce Vine

Vocalist/performer Bryce Vine encapsulates the best of both coasts. Born and raised in a humble apartment in New York City he moved to Los Angeles …


70. Travel Profile: Idriss D

Travel Profile: Idriss D

An Algerian DJ, Idriss D has enjoyed ongoing success and recognition through his unique sound. In addition to actively working as a DJ, he manages some …


71. Travel Profile: Carlos Calvo

Travel Profile: Carlos Calvo

With a storied two decades under his belt as Hollywood’s go-to guitar coach, indie singer-songwriter Carlos Calvo is flipping the traditional script by …


72. Travel Profile: Adana Twins

Travel Profile: Adana Twins

Straight out of “Hamburg house city”, Adana Twins helped secure their home’s reputation for deep grooves with a series of early EPs that have made them …


73. Wellness Travel Profile: Mimi Benz of The Sweat Shoppe

Wellness Travel Profile: Mimi Benz of The Sweat Shoppe

Owner and Co-Founder of one of Los Angeles’ hottest gyms, The Sweat Shoppe, Mimi Benz is a multifaceted fitness guru with a strong passion for travel.


74. Travel Profile: Chase Petersen of Get Busy Living

Travel Profile: Chase Petersen of Get Busy Living

Hailing from Kansas City, Kansas, Get Busy Living first jumped on the pop punk music scene in 2008 as KISS AND TELL and toured for a few years before …


75. Travel Profile: Brooke Evers

Travel Profile: Brooke Evers

A television personality, model, dancer and now DJ, Brooke Evers has traveled the world in many facets. Having previously worked with Billabong, …


76. Travel Profile: Laura Petracca of Hunter Valentine

Travel Profile: Laura Petracca of Hunter Valentine

Cutting edge rock band, Hunter Valentine, have been commanding attention for over a decade with their memorable, hard-hitting tunes. The all-girl outfit …


77. Travel Profile: Em Rossi

Travel Profile: Em Rossi

Raised in the Bay Area, 17-year-old singer/songwriter Em Rossi’s soul-based sound and storytelling abilities are a rarity at her age. Combining her …


78. Travel Profile: Paul Rodriguez

Travel Profile: Paul Rodriguez

Eight-time X Games medalist, four of which gold, and all-time legendary skateboarder, Paul Rodriguez’s career accomplishments have taken him around the …


79. Travel Profile: Waze & Odyssey

Travel Profile: Waze & Odyssey

Spanning both the house and techno genres, influenced by UK bass and disco music, DJ duo Waze & Odyssey, formally Serge Santiago and Firas Waez, shot up …


80. Travel Profile: Ashley Pereira of Asheira

Travel Profile: Ashley Pereira of Asheira

Influenced by Joan Jett, Led Zeppelin, The White Stripes, as well as the inspiration they have gained from local artists in the myriad places they have …


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